Why not utilise our expert staff to setup your very own VLE?

Installation of server software can be a time consuming task, especially if technicians need to spend time researching procedures beforehand. With 10 years experiencein the field we can save you a great deal of time and provide a cost effective alternative to spending valuable technician time on this one-off task.

We offer a remote installation service of the VLE software and all of its pre-requisites (Apache, MySQL and PHP) onto a Linux or Windows platform.

Other services we can offer relating to the installation of your VLE are:

MIS Integration

Automate your enrolments! This is achieved by using our custom scripts thereby allowing your VLE to mirror the courses and enrolments you have in your MIS system. This process typically takes a few days to implement, though Authentication ties in with this quite closely so is dependent on your current authentication system.

Authentication Integration

We have a lot of experience with integrating VLE software into different authentication mechanisms, the advantages of using existing authentication systems are:

  1. All administration done at a central resource by IT staff
  2. No more password resets for the VLE administrator
  3. Resilience of existing infrastructure

The most common authentication method to use is LDAP, in a Windows environment this would be your Active Directory server, other authentication systems are Databases, CAS, NTLM, Kerberos.