TDM are an official Mahara Business Partner and we have mahara-partnerwritten a book on Mahara. We add value to the core codeline by offering all the necessary services: hosting, theming, coding, plugins, extensions, integrations, upgrades, content development & platform administration.

Mahara is a fully featured web application to build your electronic portfolio. You can create journals, upload files, embed social media resources from the web and collaborate with other users in groups.


Mahara is a fully-featured web application to build your electronic portfolio


Create your multimedia portfolio the way you want and share it with the people who should view it.


Create project portfolios together with others and use the discussion forums to talk about your work.


Align your portfolio to a competency framework and visualise, which competencies you have already achieved.

Open source

Mahara is built on open source and open principles, it is free and is being improved by enthusiasts around the world.


Configure your Mahara site as administrator to tailor it to your institution’s specific needs.


Access Mahara on any device via responsive design. Mahara Mobile even allows you to collect evidence offline.


Use Mahara alongside your learning management system and other services via web services.


You can use Mahara with just a few learners or multiple institutions with thousands of users on one site.

Learner-centered personal learning environment


Track your learning progress and achievements in your personal portfolios and share them with others.


Give feedback on portfolios and support your students in reaching their learning goals.


Create portfolios for certification and promotion to showcase your professional development over time.


Check in with your team members in their professional development and support them throughout.


Learn about your employees skills and competencies by viewing direct evidence of their achievements.


Review learning evidence online and provide feedback online wherever you are.

Mahara Mobile

Mahara Mobile is the new Mahara app for Android and iOS that allows you to collect and create learning evidence offline and then upload it to your Mahara when you have an internet connection.

A community of contributors and users around the world


The Mahara community is vibrant and its users meet up at user events and conferences.


Join in on discussions on the Mahara online forums with users from all around the world.

User groups

Meet with other users in your area organized throughout the year to talk about Mahara.


The newsletter is from the community for the community where you can share how you use Mahara.