There are various options to consider but our hosting packages will take the worry out of managing your own server and OS.

Our servers are located on the fastest UK network (independently tested by

Basic hosting packages start with 25GB of storage which is sufficient for most small to medium sized institutions and are extremely cost effective!

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is a Virtual Private Server, this method is great if you want to stay in control of your site, each VPS has it’s own resource pool so you needn’t worry about any other sites on our servers slowing you down during peak usage times.

All of our VPS’s are backed up nightly so you can sleep easy knowing your data is safe.

With VPS hosting you effectively have a dedicated server with a set of dedicated resources.

Shared Hosting and VPS hosting both have their merits and it’s on an individual basis that we will recommend one service over another.

Once we have your requirements we can suggest which service would suit you best.

All of our VPS servers run on high spec systems and use VMWare to manage your server.

Shared Hosting

This is a platform that is shared with other people running on the same server, the servers are of a high spec which is regularly updated, we never overload a server with more customers than the server can handle, even during high use periods.

As with our VPS servers our shared servers are backed up nightly for peace of mind.

Dedicated Server

Alternatively you may feel a dedicated server would be more suitable to your needs, this would usually be reserved for large institutions with many users and a large hard disk capacity requirement, we would recommend sites over 200GB in size follow a dedicated server route.

A dedicated server would also afford you the option of creating your own virtualised environment, you could for example have most of your resources dedicated to the main site but also add smaller VPS’s for testing purposes or hosting other web applications which tie in with your site.

There are many options available (and these are constantly changing as technology improves) so feel free to drop us a line to discuss potential specifications further.

Advanced Options

In addition to the above packages we also offer multi server setups for those who need the extra peace of mind or capacity.

We are able to use a pool of virtual of physical servers in a clustered environment. This means we can have multiple web servers or database servers depending on your requirements. This will ensure that your site has maximum uptime as well as performance.

Please contact us on 0333 10 100 96 to discuss your requirements and for pricing information.